NZIPIM - The New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM) is the peak industry body for the rural profession. A core purpose of the organisation is to build the capability and capacity of rural professionals within New Zealand.

We have over 840 members from a diverse range of occupations, including; farm management advisors, rural bankers, farm accountants, fertiliser consultants, rural valuers, representatives from industry good organisations, CRIs, universities, and agribusiness service providers. In addition to this, we also have 150 university student members involved in agricultural related courses.

Our five strategic platforms include:

  1. Professionalism - Creating a culture of embracing professionalism within primary industry and its members through continuous professional development, accreditation and other targeted events.
  2. Relevancy - To grow the organisation and become influential in New Zealand's primary industry.
  3. Constructive Partnerships - Collaborating with other stakeholders within the wider primary industry to achieve common goals.
  4. Careers - Promoting careers within the primary industry and developing career pathways for rural professionals.
  5. Resourcing - Securing resources to enable NZIPIM to become a vibrant and effective professional body.

Loburn Irrigation Co
 - This is a small community irrigation scheme located at Loburn, near Rangiora, consented take 50 litres/second to supply irrigation for a 80 shareholders for a wide variety of water uses.

Foresight Group - Rod McMillan
 - The Foresight Group make a difference by supporting and guiding leaders with strategic thinking and planning processes, policy and operational or business requirements. We are committed to making a difference.